The CENTER FOR COWBOY ETHICS & LEADERSHIP is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation that was founded in 2006 by Jim Owen dedicated to the belief that “everyone needs a code… a creed to live by.” Inspired by the heroic figure of the cowboy, it aims to bring the simple, timeless values embodied in the Code of the West back to the fore of American life.

By sharing that inspiration and partnering with others, the CENTER has been the catalyst for a grassroots movement of people who agree that individual character and personal principle ~ not more laws and regulations ~ are the keys to building a better world. Through its content and programs, the CENTER encourages people to examine the personal values and principles that anchor their lives, guide their actions, and nourish their sense of deeper purpose.

In short, our mission is to Inspire. We accomplish this through:

BOOKS AND FILMS ­— Jim Owen’s best-selling book, Cowboy Ethics, which translates the unwritten Code of the West into “Ten Principles to Live By,” has sparked a grassroots response from individuals, companies and organizations across the nation. His newest book, The TRY, illuminates the qualities of character it takes to succeed against the odds.

SPEAKING AND WORKSHOPS — Jim Owen brings his messages of hope and inspiration to groups all across the nation, while Kent Noble leads ethical-leadership workshops that have inspired thousands of business and community leaders to determine exactly what it is they stand for in their personal and professional lives.

BUSINESS and YOUTH INITIATIVES — Our core programs aim to make a difference by transforming business culture and building strong values in our next generation of leaders and citizens.

PARTNERSHIPS with others — To leverage our efforts, we help businesses and organizations that share our goals to undertake action initiatives of their own. We work with a wide range of partners such as the Boys and Girls Clubs, 4-H, Future Farmers of America, Volunteers of America, the University of Wyoming College of Business, and a variety of companies.

If you are interested in finding ways to work with us, please get in touch and become part of our network.