OwenBioPictAfter a successful 35-year business career, Jim Owen reinvented himself as an author, film producer and social entrepreneur.  He also created the Center for Cowboy Ethics and Leadership, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) foundation, to help spread the message that “we can all be heroes in our own lives.” Jim’s book credits include Cowboy Ethics (2004), a best seller with more than 130,000 copies sold to date, and Cowboy Values (2008).

Jim found his calling in 2003 when he was so dismayed by the country’s spreading epidemic of corporate scandals and social discord that he felt compelled to speak out, urging a return to the basic core values that all Americans can share. Inspired by his life-long interest in Western history and lore, Jim coined the phrase “Cowboy Ethics” and wrote his book distilling the unwritten Code of the West into “Ten Principles to Live By.” In 2010, the state of Wyoming adopted the Ten Principles of Cowboy Ethics as its official state code.

Jim and his foundation continue to offer inspiration for those who want to be their best selves.   Jim’s latest book, The Try, and a companion DVD, explore the character qualities that help people achieve their goals and dreams. Says Jim, “It’s all about the Try – that blend of passion, attitude and effort that enables ordinary people to rise above the crowd and accomplish extraordinary things.” The Center’s newest program, Standing Tall: What’s Your Code?, is a workshop that leads individuals and organizations through a process of discovering the values that truly define them.

Jim is a summa cum laude graduate of Regis University. He and his wife, Stanya, have two grown children and reside in Austin, Texas.