Folks in Wyoming have been enthusiastic early adopters of the Cowboy Ethics programs.  From the great work that Ashley Bright and his team are doing with Wyoming Youth, to the state legislature itself, which recently adopted the Cowboy Ethics as the official state code, people in Wyoming seem to immediately grasp the potential Cowboy Ethics has to change our country for the better.

While the inspiration that Cowboy Ethics offers has spread for beyond Wyoming, folks there continue to innovate and build upon the Cowboy Ethics foundation.  We want to share an article from the Wyoming Business Report about the efforts of the Kent Noble and the University of Wyoming School of Business to show that Cowboy Ethics are good for business too.

We’ve posted a expert from the article below and you can read more about what Cowboy Ethics can do for business on our website.  We call it, Standing Tall in an Upside-Down World.

Training course seeks to turn business right-side-up
By Business Report Staff

September 27, 2012 —

LARAMIE — An advanced three-day executive business training course will seek to make sense of the upside-down economy for participants.

A new course this year will use the “Code of the West” as a basis for business ethics “in an upside-down world.””Adding a track highlighting the University of Wyoming College of Business ‘Standing Tall in an Upside-Down World’ business ethics initiative is a real advantage for our participants,” said Business Council CEO Bob Jensen. “Not only will participants receive high-level training from UW professors grounded in real-world business experience, they’ll also have the opportunity to learn more about business ethics based on Wyoming values.”
You can read the full article at the Wyoming Business Report.