KentNobleImage1We have an exciting announcement to make: Kent Noble has joined the Center for Cowboy Ethics and Leadership as our new Executive Director. What Kent brings to the job is not just an impressive background in business and academia, but also a deep passion for what he is doing.

Kent and Jim began working together while Kent was assistant dean at the University of Wyoming College of Business, where he helped forge a working partnership between the College and the Center.

Luckily for us, the more involved Kent got with our Standing Tall approach to business ethics, the more enthusiastic he became. In fact, it was Kent who took the initiative to build the program concept into a thought-provoking, interactive workshops in which participants create their own “code to live by.”

The program quickly caught on, and as Kent explains, “leading the workshops was so immensely rewarding that I realized this was how I wanted to spend the rest of my career.”

Besides leading Standing Tall workshops all across the country, Kent will be involved with the Center’s programs across the board, helping me spread the word that “we can all be heroes in our own lives.” We’re honored that he’s chosen to join our team.