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What it Takes to Succeed – from the Employer’s Perspective

By Jim Owen, Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer, Center for Cowboy Ethics and Leadership

When you’ve got a message you want to share with the world, it’s always great to get reinforcement from thoughtful and knowledgeable people.  So I was gratified to read theWall Street Journal’s recent interview with Bob Funk, founder of the fifth largest employment agency […]

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A Simple Question – or Is It?

by Kent Noble, Executive Director, Center of Cowboy Ethics and Leadership

If a close friend were to ask you, “What do you stand for?” would you reply without hesitation?  Or would you respond with the old “deer in the headlights” look?

Prior to my involvement with the Standing Tall program, I’m not sure I could have articulated my […]

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In Memoriam: Julia K. Anderson

When Jim Owen and the rest of the Cowboy Ethics team were deciding whom to profile in The Try, Julia Anderson – the pen name for Klaudia Birkner—immediately stood out as someone with profound life lessons to share. Marji Wilkens interviewed her for the book, returned to spend personal time with Julia, and soon joined her […]

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What’s Your Roadmap to a Meaningful Life?

This post is from Kent Noble, Executive Director of the Center for Cowboy Ethics and Leadership.

This week a man’s reputation was ruined through a series of lies and denials he perpetrated on the public, his teammates, and his sport.  Ryan Braun, a five-time All Star and former National League MVP and rookie of the […]

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Welcoming Kent Noble

We have an exciting announcement to make: Kent Noble has joined the Center for Cowboy Ethics and Leadership as our new Executive Director. What Kent brings to the job is not just an impressive background in business and academia, but also a deep passion for what he is doing.

Kent and Jim began working together while Kent […]

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An Extra Supply of Try

We wanted to share with you some of our favorite stories from Jim Owen’s book The Try. Over the next few weeks we are going devote our blog posts to telling you the stories of an inspiring group of individuals.

Our first profile is one of our favorites, Ty Murray the King of the Cowboys.
No one […]

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Live Your Code Each Day

The Center for Cowboy Ethics and Leadership has been working with Kent Noble at the University of Wyoming College of Business to bring the “Standing Tall” program to more and more folks. The program includes graduates from nearly 40 Wyoming communities, 19 states and seven countries.

Graduates of the “Standing Tall” program create their own […]

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An Inspiring New Message

Jim Owen has inspired audiences all across the country with his concept of Cowboy Ethics, and the belief that “we can all be heroes in our own lives.”

Now he has a new presentation with a timely and thought-provoking theme: What does it take to succeed in America today? His answer: It’s all about THE […]

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Boys and Girls Club Adopt Cowboy Ethics Program

Cowboy Ethics has been named the premier program of the Boys and Girls Club of Central Wyoming. We are excited so many young people are learning the cowboy code and implementing the principles into their lives.

January 22, 2013 12:10 pm  •  by Lani McBee

The Boys and Girls Club of Central Wyoming has a saying: “Great […]

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Excellent, Humbling, Inspiring and Enlightening

This just in from Facebook:

Scott Pavick shared:

“Mr. Kevin Harney, owner of Stalco Construction, provided all of his employees the opportunity to meet Mr. Jim Owen and Mr. Kent Noble in person. The presentation explaining Cowboy Ethics and The Try and how these principles were derived and utilized was nothing short of excellent, humbling, inspiring and enlightening. Stalco Construction has […]

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