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Why America’s Young People Need The Try

For young people today, the idea of America as a land of opportunity increasingly rings hollow. They are coming of age in the toughest economic times our country has seen since the Great Depression, with no swift recovery in sight.

For students from the wealthiest families—those we’ve recently come to think of as “the 1%”—the path to adulthood […]

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The Great Experiment: Can Success Be Taught?

Getting equipped for the workplace and launching a career have never been easy.  But for today’s young people, the climb is tougher than ever. they can be ambitious, work hard, earn a college or university degree, and still find themselves stuck in a dead-end, minimum-wage job—if they can find a job at all.  

And what about the […]

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Cowboy Ethics Business Workshops in Action

Folks in Wyoming have been enthusiastic early adopters of the Cowboy Ethics programs.  From the great work that Ashley Bright and his team are doing with Wyoming Youth, to the state legislature itself, which recently adopted the Cowboy Ethics as the official state code, people in Wyoming seem to immediately grasp the potential Cowboy Ethics has […]

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Helping Our Teenagers Succeed

The start of a new school year is a good time for teenagers to work with their teachers, parents and mentors on setting goals for the year. In a competitive society, it takes more than academics and skills to succeed. Developing qualities of character – like grit, perseverance and heart are essential for success. […]

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More Businesses using Cowboy Ethics

Cowboy Ethics has developed a common-sense approach to business ethics called Standing Tall in an Upside-Down World. This approach was designed to support small and medium-sized businesses and organizations in creating a culture of doing the right thing. We are excited when we discover that businesses are doing just that.
Kelly Bullis is the owner of […]

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Lynne Cheney Dedicates Cheney Cowboy Ethics Club in Casper

Lynne Cheney took part in the dedication ceremony for the new Dick and Lynne Cheney Cowboy Ethics Club last week in Casper, Wyoming. The new 3,500 square-foot space will provide the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming greater space and tools to work with local teens. The club is built around the code […]

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Colorado 4-H Foundation to Implement Cowboy Ethics

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Jim Owen has an inspiring new speech

Jim Owen has spoken to audiences all across the country on Cowboy Ethics. Now he has a new message—an answer to the question:
“What does it take to succeed in America today?”

Says Jim, “A college degree was once a ticket to the good life, if you were ambitious and willing to work—but not anymore.” As he notes, […]

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“Agriculture Proud” Weighs In on Cowboy Ethics

Ryan Goodman, the author of the blog Agriculture Proud,recently read Cowboy Ethics.  What started as an attraction to the photography became an opportunity for reflection on what is important in life.  We’ve posted Ryan’s blog below, and you can read it and his other writing on his blog here.

Cowboy Ethics – Not just a Code of the West
JUNE […]

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Ordinary People Achieving Greatness

This book review of The TRY was originally posted at Thoughts From a Modern Mountain Man.  Thanks very much to Dusty Wonderlich (@dustywunderlich)
The Try Book Review: Ordinary People Achieving Greatness
May 21, 2012
The Try is probably the best motivational book I have read mainly due to the people that author James Owen chose to highlight. James Owen has become […]

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