kendrickRobb Kendrick is a photographer whose work appears regularly National Geographic as well as other publications. Kendrick’s true passion has become wet plate photography, a historic photo technique used during the mid-19th century. The tintype photos made with the wet-plate process are each one of a kind as they are all handmade from start to finish. His most recent wet plate project documents the working cowboy in 14 Western States, Mexico and Canada for National Geographic December 2007 issue. The photos are collected in a new book Still: Cowboys at the Start of the 21st Century. Kendrick’s first book of tintypes was Revealing Character, which is also a touring exhibition that is being featured at eight major museums in the U.S.

Kendrick moved to San Miguel de Allende, a colonial town in Central Mexico two years ago with his wife, writer Jeannie Ralston, and their two boys. They intend for their kids to become bi-cultural and they wanted more time together as a family. Kendrick is also pursuing personal projects in tintype in Mexico.

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